Purpose: The growth journey to get there

Organizationally and individually it’s becoming mainstream in large parts of the world to have a purpose, a deeper meaning with existing.

When done correctly, purpose can create motivation, productivity, creativity, innovation and a shared North Star, a sense of belonging and deep contentment at work and in life. But if you have taken a stab at working with purpose, you know it’s not so easy to actually do.

Why is this?

I’ll explore in this short video why that is, and what it takes to work with meaningfulness.


You can learn more about us at www.ThePassionInstitute.com

If you wish to work more with purpose and your transformation as a leader, join me and a top tuned group of change-making visionary leaders at Wisdom Leadership Network – a professional business network based in Copenhagen, Denmark.



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One Response to “Purpose: The growth journey to get there”

  1. Jeff Wozer on

    …Cyber high-five, Sandja.

    Concur, completely. Purpose serves as the mind’s GPS. The problem, on an individual level, is getting people into the deep thought state, to take the time to identify and pare their purpose down to a few impactful words. During my presentations on digital minimalism I’m finding people fear time alone, so conditioned in today’s world, where distraction is the new currency, to occupy every down moment – grocery store lines, red lights, getting seated in restaurants – with mindless distraction. Consequently, instead of looking within, thinking for themselves, it’s as if they lack the mental stamina, hoping for some Instagram post to articulate their purpose for them.

    And yes, I digress…

    Again, fine take on purpose. And please continue your work in making the planet a better place.