Wisdom Leadership Network


Transforming business, society and self through a deeper purpose. In Wisdom Leadership Network we will explore and dive deep into expanding our minds and hearts with new knowledge, perspectives, methods and tools to self-disrupt and transform our personal leadership so we can use business and our leadership to drive transformation and change in the world.

The future of leadership and business calls for purpose-driven and value-driven efforts, where success is measured both individually and organizationally on an expanded bottom line – Passion, Purpose, People, Planet & Profit.

We will explore areas such as:

  • Redesigning leadership and business, where purpose, authenticity, innovation, positive impact, thriving cultures – and doing well while doing good
  • Leading the emergent future. Becoming Future Fit. Future of leadership
  • Transformational change-agents: Learning proactively to lead transformation – your own growth and leading others within your organization, & your various stakeholders (change management 4.0)
  • Systemic thinking and sensing, science meets ancient wisdom traditions
  • UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals: Engaging the global goals to drive better business and leadership.
  • Power & Influence: Responsibility, influence and understanding new ‘power with’
  • Exploring a redefined and deeper understanding of purpose, meaningfulness and success
  • Your values shape your culture: Values, ecoliteracy, from fear towards freedom, from survival towards thriving and engagement
  • Spiral Dynamics, integral theory and other methods for development and transformation
  • Regenerative and responsible leadership design
  • Emotional intelligence bringing theory to practice
  • Whole person in life and at work: Wisdom, mindfulness, presence and spiritual intelligence
  • Mindset shifts: Breaking out of silo world-views. The new mindsets and busting old limiting beliefs
  • High Performance and Passionate engagement: Motivation, creativity and aliveness
  • We encourage members of the network to bring their ideas forward, so we can collaborate on creating a rich learning and relating experience


Articles by Sandja Brügmann on some of the above topics

Self-Disrupt to Redesign the future of work (Conscious Company Magazine)

5 Tips for Leaders who want to create a strong sustainability & purpose culture (Sustainable Brands)


Experts & Thought-Leaders

We will learn from and work directly with international experts and thought-leaders. Here’s an excerpt of past experts and topics:

Past Topics

  • Redesign (organizational) cultures where people thrive: Adult psychological development v Richard Barrett, Founder Barrett Academy for the Advancement of Human Values (London, England)
  • Right Livelihood (Buddhist philosophy) v Steve Demos, serial entrepreneur, co-founder and ex-CEO WhiteWave purchased by Danone in 2016 for US$10 bill, and today North America’s largest for benefit corp ( B Corp) within the find industry. Founder Goodbelly (Boulder, CO, USA)
  • Shadow Workshop: Advanced Methods for Growth. Freeing unconscious barriers v Sandja Brügmann, founder & CEO The Passion Institute and your Network Director (Copenhagen, Denmark & Boulder, CO, USA)
  • Business as a love affair with Martin Bjergegaard, xCEO Rainmaking, xCEO Able_, serial entrepreneur and co-founder TechBBQ, Start Up Boot Camp, Rainmaking to mention some.

Upcoming topics 

Email us if interested in receiving the 2021 program of topics Sandja@ThePassionInstitute.com

Who participates?

The network is for growth driven change-makers, who use business and leadership to drive transformation. Members come from SMEs, impact organizations, multinational Corporations. All business functions and industries are welcome as wisdom leadership needs to be a systemically integrated aspect in all facets of leadership, business, and society.

Most important is that you are curious, open-minded and a lifelong seeker of growth and self-knowledge. You do not need to be a leader in the traditional sense as in a hierarchy managing other people. Everyone can take leadership in the modern future of leadership mindset.

The network is open for physical participation in Copenhagen, Denmark and international virtual access through Zoom. If the Health Authorities require, we will all meet via Zoom. Meet we will, come what may.


Values and Output

  • Transformational: Developmental both personally, and as a change-agent for a better future
  • Inspiring & Implementable: Inspirational content at the pioneering edge of leadership and regenerative design
  • Becoming Future-Fit: Practical and actionable knowledge, tools and business cases to implement actions today in order to drive your leadership and business successfully in the complex future context
  • Passionate & of like-Intent: A network of likeminded ambitious, passionate, force for good leaders sets the stage for collaboration and partnerships
  • International mindset, culture & perspective: International perspectives with expert speakers at the visionary edge from across the world, as well as select experts from our local pool of Danish-based experts – participants are both Danish and International, all are open-minded
  • Challenge your mental models: At each network meeting your network director will guide you through processes to expand mindsets and disrupt limiting beliefs
  • Level-up your leadership: All participants are courageous and focused on their personal leadership growth as an integrated part of becoming the best versions of themselves. This drive and learning environment will motivate you to up level your own game
  • Wisdom Traditions packed for 21st Century leadership: The best from eastern wisdom traditions and the strongest from modern science, research, performance and business culture
  • Compassion & Mindfulness: Two tools and approaches to life, that are advancing in modern leadership globally. The result is authenticity, better decisions and purpose for you and others. Research shows that meditation increases performance
  • Out of silo thinking: Leaders from corporate and entrepreneurial organizational and leadership structures across industries  ensure we support a move away from silo thinking into a mind expanding, solutions generating understanding
  • Growth Mindset: Methods to maintain a developmental mindset, and specific tools to lift you and others out of a fixed mindset

Tone & Methods

  • Conscious, supportive Communication: We expect a positive, supportive, respectful, and kind tone and behavior.
  • Nourishing & strong relationships: Triad smaller working groups *tribes* between network meetings ensures an easier formation of strong relationships for mutual support and value.
  • Mindfulness: Awareness of what you bring into the circle. Come to give, contribute and support.
  • Social Emergence: We engage systems sensing such that the the group’s growth, needs and dynamic is incorporated into the network experience as a natural and live process mirroring the growth of the group.

Facilitator & your Network Director

Sandja Brügmann. Read more about Sandja.

Network is conducted in English. Reflections and facilitated smaller group masterminding will be accommodated for those who wish to use Danish.

Network meeting dates 2021

We meet at 14.00 – 17.00 Copenhagen time CET / 8.00am – 11.00am New York time EST

  • April 20, 2021 – meeting in Copenhagen K
  • June 22, 2021 – meeting in Copenhagen K
  • August 31, 2021 – meeting on island of Bornholm
  • November 16, 2021 – meeting in Copenhagen K
  • January 18, 2022 – meeting in Copenhagen K


Center of Copenhagen K & the August date at The Passion Institute’s location in Allinge-Sandvig on the island of Bornholm, Denmark

Zoom for Virtual global members, and for all if needed due to Covid-19 restrictions by the Health Authorities


Annual membership

Company rate 16.000 DKr x vat per person / USD$2630

Solopreneurs, freelancers, NGO, start-up phase entrepreneurs & personal payments 12.000 DKr x vat / USD$1970

If you are unemployed and experiencing economic difficulty, but know that you just need to be a part of this network, contact us to make a special arrangement. Write us a short email describing why you must be part of wisdom leadership network, a bit about your situation and why you should receive a special arrangement. Include some thoughts on how you can add value besides a financial payment. If you do not hear back from us on your outreach, it means we are receiving too many special requests, and those seats are all taken. Thanks for your understanding.

Payment plan available in 2 or 3 installments


Contact us to receive the program. Tell us about yourself, your values, intentions and how this network is a good fit for you. Contact via phone Sandja Brügmann 4244 9800, or email Sandja@ThePassionInstitute.com



This is what you and your employer receive

Why is Wisdom Leadership Network a good investment for your organization? Here are 11 arguments, you can share with your boss.

  1. You learn methods to lead from purpose and take aligned action, and methods to guide others in purpose-based leadership
  2. You increase your performance, innovation and creativity through mental training and presenting methods
  3. You learn how to drive change and transformation processes, so you can bring value within the organization with concrete behaviour change methodologies, new mindsets and methods to ensure your organisation successfully enter the new economy and future of work mindset
  4. You gain insights into working with the 17 sustainable development goals, and understand the journey of purpose and sustainability and the business opportunities in thinking and behaving in a more holistic, systemic manner
  5. You will receive tools to work proactively, and navigate from a place of grounding and thriving, where you can navigate with awareness and create sustainable work and wellness from intention and focus (lighten motivation, engagement and prevent stress and other mental illnesses from poor work environments)
  6. You will gain awareness of your strength and weaknesses, change limning beliefs and mindsets, so you can bring more of your inherent resources into play, ensuring engagement, stronger results and a more vibrant presence
  7. You will learn future of work mindsets, leading with purpose, and the newest organizational models and methods, which support the rise of future of leadership trends
  8. You learn techniques to navigate quickly changing circumstances in a fast changing world VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous)
  9. You increase your ability to work from an inner peace, grounding and calm through alignment with your values and integrity
  10. You will lift to next level, where you can see new possibilities and opportunities and you become increasingly more solution focused, rather than focusing on the problems and limitations
  11. You become a role model for how you at the same time navigate towards your higher potential through experiments, creativity, innovation, mindfulness, vulnerability, imperfection, drive and courage – and thus create stronger results, less polarisation and increased ability to go after the right initiatives


Some of our network members






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Sandja is one of the few most inspiring thought leaders in conscious leadership and sustainable business strategy that I have had the pleasure to work with within the large global Sustainable Brands community. As a speaker, she moves the audience in an authentic and heartfelt manner, delivering her messages with a combination of passion and intellect that is second to none. She consistently manages to leave the audience with expanded horizons, new tools for self-improvement and actionable takeaways. I selected her to speak at Sustainable Brands Copenhagen, and I would be delighted to have her back on stage anywhere in the world. She comes highly recommended by the entire Sustainable Brands team!

Dimitar Vlahov, Director Knowledge & Insights, Sustainable Brands