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In Sandja I see one of the most dynamic and passionate people in the leadership, strategic communication and business development space. These qualities, combined with a keen business sense, make Sandja an extraordinary individual driven by her passion. Sandja’s ease of communication in her various fields, from communication to leadership, social media to mindful business development, makes her inspirational to listen to and be inspired by.

Mads Ehrhardt, CEO, Copenhagen Concept & Social Media Week (Copenhagen, Denmark)

It is my mission to support those businesses that best represent my business philosophy termed "Right Livelihood". Simply put this translates to business, which is "Good for me, Good for you, Good for all it touches". Sandja lives these principles in business and it is a pleasure for me to work with her and The Passion Institute.

Steve Demos founder White Wave, Silk and GoodBelly (Boulder, CO, USA)

AT THE PASSION INSTITUTE We create cultures, where people and planet thrive. We help develop sustainable leaders and create companies that have impact, resilience and systemic understanding, and brands that meet or exceed consumer world trends. This requires a courageous, agile, change-ready and healthy culture, where the values of sustainability, responsibility and purpose is at the core of the business DNA and leadership efforts. >> Read More