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How We Ad Value & ROI

  • High performing team with a shared vision
  • A strong corporate brand and identity rooted in a shared core purpose and magnetic team culture
  • Clarity on strength and weaknesses of your organizations and leaders
  • Strategic understanding of actions to take to grow the business and overcome obstacles
  • Increased innovation capacity, creativity, motivation, performance of executive leaders and employees
  • Market know-how and consumer trends
  • Clarity of business vision
  • Leadership skills and exponential transformation to generate results through aligned action
  • Differentiation from competitors
  • Access to new areas of business, markets, segments
  • Strengthen influencer standing of brand
  • Saving costs and identification of new streams of revenue
  • Strategic communication to all stakeholders that inspire action and engagement
  • We help you be more relevant to your customers now and in the future


Our Recipe for Successful Sustainable Business: The 5PBL Model

We work in the intersection of Sustainability, Communication and Conscious Leadership. The most successful and sustainable way of growing and running a company is to build the values of sustainability, responsibility and purpose into the core of the business strategy and leadership efforts – and into the DNA of the organization. We support ambitiously driven companies and leaders to solve some of the world’s toughest issues through business. Our services are created around the 5P Bottom-Line (5PBL) of Sustainable Business Success.

Refresh Agency & The Passion Institute 5PBL business model

Refresh Agency & The Passion Institute 5PBL business model


External Communication and co-action creates cohesive cultures and tangible business results

  • Cohesive, high performing culture
  • Increased motivation
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Aligned co-action
  • Increase tangible results
  • Clear communication and aligned actions create trust
  • Attract customers, generate loyalty and repeat sales
  • Social influencing
  • Attract key talent
  • Increase follow-worthiness and leadership position

Consciousness in leadership transforms the business and increases business success

  • Increased consciousness directly improve external behavior
  • Increase self-management
  • Seeing and making decisions in larger context
  • Building stronger relations
  • Strengthen foundation of key leaders
  • Influence, EQ and power increased
  • Clarity of purpose and values at the core of the business
  • Values and meaning for each individual on team
  • Understanding stakeholder needs internally and externally
  • Strong team co-action increase
  • Business and team resiliency


Network Partner Structure

  • A Network Partner Organizational Structure – global experts at your fingertips
  • Professional Specialist Skills – across industries and disciplines
  • Customization to meet your budget and needs
  • Cross-Disciplinary experts within leadership, change management, communication, psychology, economics, environmental, futurist, sustainability and social business experts
  • Relevant experience in corporate, entrepreneurial and academic settings
  • Latest global and local trends and business cases
  • Cutting-edge training, tools and practices


The Business Case for Conscious Business & Leadership

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An Integral Multi-Disciplinary Approach

We work in an integrated cross-disciplinary approach applying psychology, leadership, business, spirituality, science, environmental studies, sociology and economics. We draw our knowledge, tools and processes from a vast array of experts in each their field – merging the best of East and West delivered to drive concrete learning, inspiration and new skills in a down-to-earth, practical, implementable manner. To read more about our sources of inspiration click here (and scroll down).


Source: The Values Center

Source: The Values Center


Do you want to develop leaders and business strategies that are innovative and solution-oriented, and create environmental, social and financial value? Contact us for a free consultation to learn how we can support your specific business and leadership needs.


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Sandja is an organized, efficient and powerful business woman, who creates results.”

George Boedecker, co-founder Crocs

The time has come for the human-centric leader, who has the capacity to perceive far beyond the rational mind to generate systems-wide environmental and social global solutions.

Sandja Brügmann, Managing Partner The Passion Institute

Do you want to develop leaders and business strategies that are solution-oriented and create societal and financial value? Contact us for a free consultation to learn how we can support you. +45 4244 9800