Become a whole person in your business life

An executive client of mine based in Boulder, CO USA hired a business resume-building expert to help with the next phase of developing her Curriculum Vitae. When my client brought me in on the issue, she had just received the first draft back from the business resume strategist, and she just wasn’t feeling seen in the writing on the page.

Most of her business credentials were there, and from that perspective, she was positioned in a highly competent light. She couldn’t put her finger on what was missing. After a Conscious Leadership executive session with me, and with her key desire being to connect with more passion and purpose in her business life, she asked me to take a look at the CV, and advice her.

It was clear to me the second I read through her CV what was missing. It was all intellectual, business skills and business language, but nothing that made her stand out as the unique, spiritually connected and very unique soul that she is.

The very part about her that made her uniquely her, a spiritual being that was born into this world with a great desire to serve, focused on bringing more passion and purpose into her own career and connect with executives and entrepreneurs in alignment with her values was no where to be found. That is the problem!


The way we do business in today’s world is not serving our souls. We cannot keep our whole personhood intact, nourished and alive, when we divorce our very spirits in our work life.

This is the solution! 

We need to listen to our spiritual selves, and combine what calls each of us alive and passionately engaged with our business expertise, strategic skills, ambitious drives and high intelligence in order to create business lives that nourish our souls and have a real and positive impact in the world.

“Your zone of business genius lies in combining your passion with your business skills, ambitious drive and high intelligence.”

We need to dare to let our whole selves shine through, and not hide the unique, spiritual parts of who we are. We need to dare to be vulnerable and authentic and stand forth with an open heart and open arms and in our own voices exclaim – without apology – this is authentically me.

Only then will the right people, the thrilling business opportunities, the right connections hear us, see us, find us and be able to choose us. Because what lights you up, attracts people, who are lit up in this same way. People who celebrate your unique way of being in this world.

As long as you hide behind a professional expertise mask, you will only find work that fits that part of you, and your spiritual soul will stay starved.

It requires courage and a willingness to be vulnerable to stand forth naked in the world with your raw perspective and soul and say – this is me. This is what I stand for. This is what I envision. This is what I want to create. Do you want to join me?


A concrete action step to take is The Passion Institute’s interactive online Conscious Leadership training. You can read more here.




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