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Sandja Brugmann is one of the key resources I have turned to regarding my business. Sandja is a fantastic listener. She is caring and committed to your vision. Sandja can guide and share her expertise and help you put your thumb on the pulse of where your next important move could be for your business and personal growth. She is supportive of your passion, helping you bring your dream into reality to fulfill your personal and business goals. Sandja's "shadow work" has been very inspiring to me in terms of breaking through my business barriers and setting new goals.

L.M. Bennett (Napa Valley, CA, USA)

It is my mission to support those businesses that best represent my business philosophy termed "Right Livelihood". Simply put this translates to business, which is "Good for me, Good for you, Good for all it touches". Sandja lives these principles in business and it is a pleasure for me to work with her.

Steve Demos founder White Wave, Silk and GoodBelly (Boulder, CO, USA)

Sandja Brügmann is a sustainable communication expert, international speaker and conscious leadership and conscious business advisor. Sandja mentors visionary business leaders and entrepreneurs around the world helping people manifest a successful, passion-fueled and on purpose business that makes a positive difference for people, planet and profits. She has worked with the global business community to create sustainable and social-good change for the past 15 years. >> Read More