About The Passion Institute

The ability to have an empowering and open mindset, the perseverance to see your vision through, and the courage to step forward, despite the feeling of fear, are all essential prerequisites for growth and success – for any tasks you take on and hope to achieve in life.

Whether you are brand new to business or a successful executive of an international brand, staying continually committed to your own personal growth and transformation is just as important as the commitment you can make to grow your business. As a matter of fact, we believe the two go hand-in-hand.

At The Passion Institute, our aim is to inspire and guide business executives and entrepreneurs to embrace the types of results-oriented, conscious leadership skills, behaviors and mindsets that will ultimately help them lead their businesses passionately, vibrantly and powerfully – fueling both higher profits and a higher purpose.

The Dream of Fulfilled and Passionate People and a Healthy Planet

Our parent company, Refresh Agency, was founded on helping and growing companies and people all over the world that have a desire to do business as a force for good through sustainability, health and social-impact values

The Passion Institute was founded to help and grow leaders all over the world, who have a desire to lead as a force for good. We call this Conscious Leadership. All business starts and happens on the person-to-person level, and thus by building and strengthening one’s inner skills, a foundation is created for leadership and business success from a passion, purpose and profit standpoint.

“Conscious Leadership is a process that help leaders increase their level of consciousness, so they can successfully create teams and businesses that are life-enhancing and operate on the 5Ps: Passion, Purpose, People, Planet and Profit.”

Refresh Agency & The Passion Institute 5PBL business model

Refresh Agency & The Passion Institute 5PBL business model

At The Passion Institute, we believe that becoming more centered within ourselves, making decisions in alignment with our truth and integrity, and serving the world for good through our passion and purpose-aligned businesses, will not only have a tremendously positive, internal effect, but also one that expands to the outside world – our nearest relations, distant relations, all of humanity and the sustainably of our planet.

When we wake up to what lies within ourselves, our zone of awareness expands, and we begin making decisions with integrity. Thus, we begin leading companies, people, communities, our families and our internal drive from a more conscious place – living our lives and running our businesses with purpose and clarity in the larger context of the world.

Our Services

We help serve and grow Conscious Business & Leadership through:

  • Business and leadership strategy
  • External and Internal communication and business strategy
  • Leadership development strategy, custom programs and training
  • Conscious leadership training programs (corporate and individual)
  • Executive and Entrepreneur Advisory
  • Purpose & WHY workshops and strategy
  • International speaking & teaching
  • Online live six month Activating Purpose Conscious Leadership training
  • Books, eCourses, audio programs visit our shop
  • Articles and video content

Our 10 Guiding Principles

  1. Lead with heart and intellect and take full responsibility
  2. Assertive communication from truth with empathy
  3. Gratitude and appreciation
  4. Feminine-allowing and masculine-dynamic doing – the zone of genius includes both
  5. Experiencing an abundance mindset and the universe as an ally
  6. Embracing full self-acceptance and nurturing self-care skills
  7. Working consciously with fear and making choices from a place of courage
  8. Approaching situations with curiosity and an open-mind
  9. Imperfection and play as creative forces
  10. Don’t wish for it more than you are willing to work for it



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My mission is to elevate the way we do business and behave towards each other and the planet by driving sustainability and social-good values as much as the financial bottom line through inspiration, communication, education, connectedness, and co-action. For me living and doing business this way is the recipe to living a purposeful life.

- Sandja Brügmann