Interview on Work & Life Balance with Sandja Brügmann in Simple Bliss Magazine

Meet Sandja Brugmann: Sandja’s roles are Sustainability & Communication Advisor CEO at Refresh Agency & Conscious Leadership at The Passion Institute. Sandja’s contagious zest for helping businesses grow led us to connecting and wanted to get to know a bit more about this fascinating dynamic woman.

SBM: When did you begin Refresh Agency and The Passion Institute and how did it come about?

Sandja: My two businesses help leaders do business as a force for good with a focus on the quadruple bottom line: People, Planet, Purpose and Profit. Refresh Agency launched in 2002 focus on building brands and companies externally in the world with focus on  sustainability and social impact. The Passion Institute launched last month in June 2015, focus internally in the company helping people building conscious leadership skills, passion-fueled leaders and teams with a common purpose and direction for  optimum life satisfaction, deeper meaning, motivation, performance and co-action.

SBM:What is your favorite form(s) of social media, and why?

Sandja: Instagram and LinkedIn. Instagram is a personable and visual way to communicate your deeper values attracting and connecting with like-minded. This is of optimum importance for business success that you attract people, who believe what you believe as they will not only be supportive, they might become ambassadors for your mission helping you bring your message and business to a larger audience.
LinkedIn is the best business tool to build your influencer standing and expertise through your own viewpoints – original articles and posts to others’ articles with your own few sentences describing how you see the world and a specific topic.

SBM: How do you balance life and work? 

Sandja: I love my work – it’s my passion and I am on a life mission, so work doesn’t feel like work, so to speak. I meet the most amazing, inspiring and open-hearted people through my businesses – and I work with the coolest team, and I can honestly say that most days I am in love with my life. That said, over the years I have developed some key routines that keep me in balance. I do my spiritual practice every day for a half hour. I make sure to take the time to make healthy, mostly raw and vegetarian food every day.  I am highly dedicated to being a good mother, and I prioritize bi-monthly workshops to do my own inner work. I prioritize key relationships. I make time for yoga and workout daily. And probably the most important of all, I have promised myself not to allow sustained negative emotions. It is part of being human to feel negative emotions at times – anger, fear, overwhelm, sadness, judgment and so forth – and I am so committed to my internal peace that I am actively working with feeling, understanding and  releasing the negative emotions, when they show up. That has truly been the game changer for me to stay balanced in life and work. A much more peaceful inner state.

SBM: What is the one thing you do to keep things simple?

Sandja: My 1 secret is: Be a GOAL digger. I am focused on my goal with my business and personal life. This allows me to say no to the opportunities that are not aligned with my goal. It keeps life a lot simpler and my schedule and time running smooth. My schedule  is never overbooked. I need a lot of time for creativity, thinking and alone-time.

SBM: What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time? 

Sandja: Yoga, travel, spending time with my daughter, be in nature, be with friends, make raw and healthy food – preferably with friends – it’s so fun to be in the kitchen together.

The interview was conducted and first published by Simple Bliss Magazine.


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