Activating Purpose Training (online)

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Lead from your authentic purpose.

Are you longing to live and lead from a deeper, more connected and more meaningful place? This program was developed to help you find your deeper purpose and live and lead in alignment with your passion. You learn tools and techniques to find and stay in your inner peaceful sanctuary, and as you lead from this authentic place with methodologies to hone your purpose, develop creative and alive relationships, and techniques to step into your power – you’ll deepen your life and influence in ways that bring true meaning to you and those around you.

Activate your purpose! 

A 6 module Activating Purpose Conscious Leadership training program, world-wide access & selection of VIP mentoring.          

What will you learn:

Our work is science-based, well researched and tested over many years. We use methods and tools from accredited sources like MIT, Havas, Harvard, Deloitte, UN, Accenture etc. We use multi-disciplinary approaches – behavioral sciences, psychology, leadership, business, economics, physics, consciousness research – in order to activate mindsets and cognition that expands beyond a single worldview in order to support your most optimal successful abilities.

  • Find and connect with your passion
  • Discover what brings you deeper meaning, and where it intercepts with your work life
  • Methods for living and activating your purpose
  • Mindset shifts and heartsets needed to align your leadership with your values and purpose
  • Co-action methods, and how to choose the best collaboration partners and projects in alignment with your purpose
  • Self-leadership and relational skills such as knowing where you undermine yourself, assertive communication skills
  • Dare to lead: Courage, visibility and influence. Tools to manage and make fear and anxiety work for you, not against you
  • Embracing passion, contentment and freeing unconscious biases (shadow work) that block your personal power
  • Connecting to your voice & inner calling
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses, optimize and understand how you add value to your organization, team and clients
  • Deep self-care: What, how and why it’s important
  • Centering techniques like mindfulness, meditation, mantra and visualization so you can be a creator of your life, not merely a reactor to circumstance
  • Curiosity and play as creative learning
  • Access and release innovative thinking
  • Authentic feminine leadership skills (this is also for men!)
  • The connection between sensuality and success in business
  • Energy (and time) management skills
  • Goals, results and solution-focused leadership action methods
What will you get out of this course:

Increased –

  • Authenticity – leading and living in closer alignment to your truth
  • Freedom – freedom from fear, freedom of expression, increased self-belief, freedom to work in a way that fits you
  • Clearer communication – your experience of life is shaped through your ability to communicate clearly
  • Access to your passion – an endless source of creativity, joy and meaningful depth & tools to reignite passion
  • Clarity on your purpose – a deep self-knowing about what drives you at a deep level, and how you bring more purpose into your worklife and leadership
  • Decision-making – methods to increase clarity of decisions, and stopping old self-sabotage patterns that keep you in limbo and repeating old mistakes and experiences
  • Self-understanding – the key to choosing that which is in alignment with your purpose, with intention
  • Stronger relationships – we are moving into the age of humanization of business, relationships are key to better business, and to your meaningful experience
  • Focus on bringing value as an organization and as an individual – be a giver, not a taker
  • Inner peace and better boundaries – increased ability to successfully create what you desire in balance, without compromising yourself
  • Increased Personal power and tools to express your voice and increase your influence
  • Leadership & Influencing ability
  • Sharpened Intuition – understanding and use of all your intelligences, nor just the rational traditional business intelligence
  • Clearer action from idea to result – the program is action focused. Purpose doesn’t just fall into your lap, you need to create it through new thoughts, feelings & actions

If you had access to these skills, would it help you successfully create the career you want?


Kick-Off Class goal setting and purpose change process
Module 1: Authentic Connection: Passion & Inner Game
Module 2: Stillness, Silence & Solitude
Module 3: Self-Care, Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem
Module 4: Assertive Communication, Emotional Mastery & Relations
Module 5: Integration of Light and Dark Shadows
Module 6: Visionary Conscious Leadership Action
Who Benefits From This Course?

People at all levels of career development with an authentic desires for deeper purpose in their work, and needing tools, leadership skills, insights and processes to open for the possibility of a more passionate – and more meaningful career.

Who Has Currently Completed This Course?
  • People from USA, Canada, Spain, India, Denmark, Australia, and Italy.
  • Age demographic 20-65
  • Business & Career levels:  Business owners, university students, CEOs, directors, independents, intrapreneurs (employees) and entrepreneurs across industries.

Click the images of the course to the right to watch three excerpts teachings from the course. 

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Conscious Leadership Training Program (Online)
  • 1 hr LIVE kick-off workshop online (video recording) to start the training inspired with clear direction and goals
  • 6 modules content-packed 24 training videos (1 – 1.5 hours of video content per module)
  • 9 homework sheets with processes, exercises and reflections (pdfs for easy use)
  • 6 modules exercise processes (a variation of presenting techniques like yoga, meditation and visualization)
  • Lifetime use and access to all materials


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The Conscious Leadership course offered an inspiring, grounded, and intelligent method to not only help me increase awareness of my personal and professional goals, but also to find the courage to take concrete action to evolve in a way more authentic to my native abilities and heartfelt desires. After only three modules, I was inspired to launch my own company and designed a lifestyle that accommodates my capabilities as an entrepreneur, mentor, book author, and parent.

Jean Weiss, Founder (Boulder, CO, USA)

I highly recommend the Passion Institute's Conscious Leadership training. Through my participation in the course, I experienced quite a remarkable shift from being frustrated in not knowing how to get to where I want to be, to feeling much more self-directed and assured. The tools presented assist in creating positive daily habits, while also refining long-term goals. Sandja is a living example of the power of mixing professionalism with a sense of true being. The Passion Institute is leading the way toward greater authenticity, empowerment and supporting businesses that make both happier people and a better world. If you are ready to commit yourself to dreaming big while also understanding what it takes to get there, I do recommend this course for feeling supported, encouraged and re-enlivened!

Lindsey Wolf Hullfish (Tuscon, AZ, USA)

Activating Purpose Conscious Leadership course encompasses a wide range of practical tools both personally and business wise. A valuable program developed with intellect and care.

Sandra Vystavel, CEO (Ibiza, Spain)