Spiritually bankrupt in your work life?

Last week, I received an email from an old colleague of mine. We used to work together more than 15 years ago at a large growing mindful company publicly traded on NASDAQ. Back then she was in trade marketing, and I was on the consumer marketing side. The title of her email to me was “Spiritually bankrupt.” 

“There must be something more than this ….”

Today she is 40 years old. She has had a good career. Been there and done that. Made money for everyone else but herself, and she feels tired. “Not to complain,” she writes, “I’ve led a good life, but there has to be something more…. ”

This woman is very bright. Hard-working. Creates results. Goes all out. I see her as quite brave, fierce and focused in her business dealings.

My guess is, that since you are here at The Passion Institute, you recognize what she is feeling. She is longing for a deeper, spiritual and meaningful connection with herself and her soul in her business life.

She came to the perfect place, when she asked me for help. And she most likely knew it too! Because, matter of fact, I created The Passion Institute to help solve this exact problem through Business Coaching, speaking and various workshops and courses – among them the Passion Warrior Conscious Leadership course.

To help you:

  • Bring your spiritual connection back in your business and life, and learning to nurture it regularly. It is your life-source
  • Learn to follow your passion, aliveness and your heart’s calling
  • Hearing and trusting your inner knowing
  • Create a business and life that brings you joy and fulfillment
  • Learn to prioritize yourself
  • Work from your soul, from your inner call, not from external expectations and demands
  • Reclaim your power in your life to direct your energy to serve your highest good
  • Get off the hamster wheel, it might look good on paper, but does it feel good to your soul?
  • Create a life of purposeful meaning
  • Make your positive impact in the world that serves you and others
  • Learn nurturing self-care skills, and knowing that you are worthy of fulfillment on all levels, and you have the power to create it
  • Build emotional mastery to increase the nurturance in all your relations
  • Heal the dark and embrace the light shadows
  • Develop authentic connection with yourself and others
  • Claim your right to the life that will feed, nourish and uplift you

The truth is that we cannot serve and be of value in the world and to others, until we learn to create our lives so we are truly fulfilling ourselves first. We can only do that with a spiritual and passionate connection to our inner selves. Only then can we be the impactful serving conscious leaders we desire to be.

“We need to fulfill ourselves first, only then can we be the impactful serving conscious leaders we desire to be.” Tweet: We need to fulfill ourselves first, only then can we be the impactful serving conscious leaders we desire to be' http://ctt.ec/c78bc+

The last sentences I wrote in response to my friend’s shout out for help was this: “I’d love to support you on a journey towards regaining your spiritual connection in your work life. It’s thrilling to get to that place. It is quite a lot of work to get there, and it is the absolute best investment you can make in yourself!”



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