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I am excited to be an official host at Big Blab Event during Global Entrepreneurship Week Nov 16-22.

7 days, 168 hours, Non-Stop entrepreneurial content on everything you need to know to start-up, run and build your business.

Join me in this outstanding and first of it’s kind global entrepreneurship summit run entirely online through the new social media tool (think Periscope, just better).

I will be hosting a series of events on conscious leadership, personal branding, fundraising, a female entrepreneur panel, social-entrepreneurship, design thinking & bringing key global entrepreneurial leaders from US and Europe to share their successes, failures and knowledge to help you build your purpose and passion-fueled business life.


Nov 16 10.30-11.30 EST (New York time zone)

Global Trend: Female Entrepreneurism (panel) hosted by Sandja Brügmann, CEO/founder The Passion Institute & Refresh AgencySubscribe here.


Willow King, co-founder and CEO Ozuke (Boulder, CO, USA based)

Andrea Permodo , COO Revolar (Denver, CO, USA)

Bettina Clements, CEO and founder SoulWorks (Copenhagen, Denmark Europe)


Nov 16 11.30 – 12.30 EST (New York time zone)

Personal Branding (speak+workshop) featuring Sandja Brügmann, The Passion Institute and guest collaborator Olivia OmegaSubscribe here.


Nov 17 2.00-3.00pm EST (New York time zone)

Financial Alignment: Clear Self-Sabotage with Sandja Brügmann and guest Dr. Marion Ross. Subscribe here.




We are 12 official hosts during the 168 hours, so check which hosts, topics and guests inspire you. There is amply opportunity to ask questions during the live streaming, so jump on Blab through your twitter handle, and you can be live on camera with us.





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