Sandja Brügmann contributes to new book, Gurubogen

bestseller gurubogen

The new Danish book “Gurubogen” is a collection of articles from 100 leading business innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world. Sandja Brügmann contributes with an article on how investing in leadership and organizational consciousness is needed to drive both sustainability, social-good and thrivability.

“I fremtiden er det kun brands, som arbejder for at gøre livet bedre for menneskeheden, der vil overleve. De ledere, vi udpeger til at guide os, skal derfor også findes blandt dem, som er i stand til at skabe bedre liv.” – Sandja Brügmann, excerpt from her article Fremtidens leder er autentisk, passioneret, modig og formålsdrevet.

English translation: “In the future it is only brands that strive to make life better for humanity that will survive. The leaders we elect to guide us need to be found among those able to create better lives.” – Sandja Brügmann, excerpt from her article The Leader of the Future is authentic, passionate, courageous and purpose-led.

The book was created to give inspiration and real action-oriented advice to entrepreneurs and organisations across all industries and markets. In these articles, the contributors talk about their ideas and experiences with innovation, entrepreneurship and authentic leadership.

You will learn:

  • What corporate executives can learn from entrepreneurs and vice versa
  • How you become more authentic as a leader & why this is important
  • Why some ideas fail when others succeed
  • The ‘often missing’ link between Business and Purpose
  • How to listen in the right places, and how to use silence to create better relations
  • How to turn innovation into your culture
  • The importance of focusing on culture and the human aspect of business

The book contains so many exciting perspectives and learnings from a wide array of inspiring global and Danish leaders – a few of our favorites come from Chip Conley (Joie de Vivre), Brian Chesky (Airbnb), Peter Keriner (NOMA), Simon Sinek (Start with Why), Seth Godin (Social media guru), Tania Ellis (social business company), Robin Sharma, Johan Bülow (Lakrids), Otto Scharmer (Theory U) .. as I start to liste some, I just want to list all – see all the gurus here.

The book is released and for purchase from November 15 2016. Order your copy here.


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