Radical Self-Care (Self-Love) Mini Workshop (video)

PassionTalk with Sandja: Radical Self-Care (Self-Love) Mini Workshop (live webinar recording). The one key blockage standing between you and the life you dream of. Can it really be this simple? It is this simple in words, and in action it is extremely difficult to learn to do.

The workshop includes a short Self-Care Assessment to help you assess your current level of loving actions towards yourself, and teach you tools to raise your awareness and actions in these areas. Self-Care (also referred to as Self-Love) is an extremely important foundation for you to bust through your upper boundary limits, and create the business life you love.

The mini-workshop includes:

  • What is self-care (aka. self-love)
  • Release yourself from the ‘pleaser’ role
  • ‘No’ is a magical, self-caring word
  • The sky is not the limit, you are!!
  • A short Self-Care Assessment
  • Identify areas in your life in need of greater self-care
  • My 4 Key Identifiers of Good Relationships
  • How you treat you, is how the world treats you
  • My 6 Step Personal Leadership process to freedom
  • Ideas to build your own self-care plan


Read more about Sandja Brügmann here.



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