Sustainable Leadership Training

A Leadership training focused on you personal leadership transformation preparing you to be the change-maker of today and the future, leading with self-mastery, passion, sustainability, creativity, innovation, confidence and purpose.

The future of leadership require everyone in the organizations to take ownership of their own growth and development in order to become the systemic thinking and sensing drivers, where the DNA of business solves the global and local challenges of our environmental and human needs.

You will learn techniques and methods, and be in a real-time growth process that helps you to become more whole, authentic and impactful as a leader.

Sustainable Leaders drive change and transformation, and ask:

“How can I create a culture of good, where people, planet and the bottom line thrive?”

The future of leadership requires people and organizations to navigate in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world successfully, where the context is increasingly fast-paced, technologically advanced, environmentally and socially challenging. You will learn techniques to stay centered and present in a complex context with confidence, agility and responsiveness.


  • The Leadership development program can be booked for in-house training for corporate and impact clients, please contact us for program and price.


Leadership Training

The course is a 3 module (6 days) program running over 4 months, with 2 months between modules. You will work with and learn the following:

New Leader Mindset

  • From mechanistic worldview and silo thinking, to a systemic and regenerative understanding worldview.
  • From measuring success only in financial bottom line, to a broader understanding of success based on the 5P’s: Passion, Purpose, People, Planet and Profits.
  • Use of intuition in your leadership: What is it, how to strengthen it, and how to more intentionally activate it to create grounded results and self-sustainable practises of passion and aliveness.
  • From ‘me’ to ‘we’ – participation based shared value organizations, teams & product development.
  • Creating frameworks and methodologies where motivation, engagement and performance is in thriving balance with innovation, results and the individual in a sustained culture and context, thus ensuring that stress, anxiety and fear are delt with intelligently, creating cultures and relations of longterm nourishment and co-creation.
  • From fixed mindset to growth mindset. Understanding the formula for change, and be a facilitator of socially integrated emergence of cultures where people thrive.
  • From traditional masculine behavioral skills to integration of masculine/feminine skills.
  • From know it all to embracing life-long curiosity and learning.
  • From projection and blame, to radical responsibility, curiosity and stepping forward creating connection.
  • Systems sensing to improve decision-making and sense what’s behind a dynamic.


Our Sources of Inspiration 

This course is built using expert sources from global cross-industry and multi world-view sources including sustainable business, leadership, psychology, behavioral and neuro sciences, physics, sociology, environmental studies, economy, philosophy, transformational and consciousness raising methods and tools – merging the best of East and West delivered to drive learning and inspiration in a down-to-earth, practical, implementable manner that will generate change and results for the leader and the organization.

This is not your usual leadership course. Expect to immerse yourself in deep processes, nature walks as systems sensing experiences, and experimental emergence of the good future and renewed visions for sustainable action.


Read more about The Passion Institute, the founder Sandja Brügmann, & our worldview, leadership and systemic business methods.


How does it work?

  • All candidates are interviewed before submission
  • 6 full days of leadership training with Sandja Brügmann at The Passion Institute on Bornholm.
  • Tribe working groups to integrate the material between modules
  • Certificate of Completion to all attendees who fulfill the program
  • Investment 39.995 DKK x VAT (USD$5800)
    •  Payment arrangements over 3 installments available
  • Enrollment is binding for the full course, consisting of:

MODULE 1: Lead With Purpose

Day 1  10.30am – 7.00pm / Day 2  9.00am – 4.00pm

MODULE 2: Systemic & Regenerative Leadership

Day 1  10.30am – 7.00pm / Day 2  9.00am – 4.00pm

MODULE 3: Being a Change-Maker

Day 1  10.30am – 7.00pm / Day 2  9.00am – 4.00pm

Who Participates?

You are growth-focused and continuously learning and educating yourself in many directions. Particularly, you are interested in developing yourself due to a desire and longing to live fully, and use your leadership to create sustainable change and positive impact in the world. You are ambitious and business focused, and you are soulful and reflective.

Your longing is for deeper meaningfulness and purpose, and authentic being at work and in life. You are courageous with an open-mind, and curious to take on new learning and applying yourself through the turbulence and challenges life throws at you.

You can be in any function, industry and size of company. What matters is your desire to transform and grow, and use your leadership to the utmost authentic potential using inner skills to create business results – from a place where you thrive.



  • Two ways to participate: At our Leadership Institute in Allinge-Sandvig, Bornholm, Denmark or Virtually via Zoom
  • Price includes water, tea, organic snacks and lunch during all teaching days
  • Next Leadership Course is not yet scheduled for open-enrolment. For corporate and impact clients, please contact us for in-house leadership development


If you are interested in receiving more information, please contact us at


Apply for your Submission to The Passion Institute Leadership Training 

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  • Why are you attracted to participate in this Leadership Training with The Passion Institute?
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  • You will be contacted by The Passion Institute shortly for final confirmation.




It is Easy & Inexpensive to travel to Bornholm:

*The program begins at 10.30, to allow participants to leave Copenhagen the same morning, to arrive at The Passion Institute in time for program start.

  • By air (from 333 kr pr way)
  • By bus (from 99 kr per way)
  • By ferry (bring your own car) from 99 kr per way

Stay at one of our preferred collaboration partners walking distance from The Passion Institute:

  • Strandhotellet, Sandvig
  • Hotel Nordlandet, Sandvig
  • The Falcon Hotel, Sandvig
  • Tines Gjestehus, Sandvig



No business tool is as powerful in generating results and value environmentally, socially and financially as consciousness. It is the magnetism that draws the best talent to the company, ignites passion, intuition and high-cognitive processes, requirements to continued high performance, motivation, innovation, thrivability, and global systemic solutions.

Sandja Brügmann, Founder & Managing Partner The Passion Institute, and your leadership transformation facilitator

I first met Sandja at Sustainable Brands in Copenhagen some years ago where we were both speaking. I've been really impressed with her understanding of the challenges of conscious leadership and her conscientious and kind approach to supporting people through change. Sandja has a unique approach to guiding business leaders who are choosing to step up to tackle global challenges in a purposeful and conscious way. Whether they are startups or global brands, her unusual combination of communications and strategy, combined with a true sensitivity to the issues of leadership in a complex world, she is able to hold space for them as a trusted adviser.

Jenny Anderson Founder We Activate The Future