Invitation to Change-Agents: Wisdom Leadership Network

Transforming business, society and self. In Wisdom Leadership Network we will explore and dive deep into expanding our minds and hearts with new knowledge, perspectives, methods and tools to self-disrupt and transform our personal leadership so we can use business and our leadership to drive transformation and change in the world.

The future of leadership and business calls for purpose-driven and value-driven efforts, where success is measured both individually and organizationally on an expanded bottom line – Passion, Purpose, People, Planet & Profit.

Below is a video where Sandja Brügmann, CEO The Passion Institute, shares her vision and the purpose of Wisdom Leadership Network.

What value can Wisdom Leadership Network give you?

  • Growth Mindset: Methods to maintain a developmental mindset, and specific tools to lift you and others out of a fixed mindset
  • Lead the emergent future: Understanding the key emergent needs for future leaders
  • Becoming Future-Fit: Practical and actionable knowledge, tools and business cases to implement actions today in order to drive your leadership and business successfully in the complex future context
  • Transformational: Developmental both personally, and as a change-agent for a better future
  • Passionate & of like-Intent: A network of likeminded ambitious, passionate, force for good leaders sets the stage for collaboration and partnerships
  • Challenge your mental models: At each network meeting your network director will guide you through processes to expand mindsets and disrupt limiting beliefs
  • Level-up your leadership: All participants are courageous and focused on their personal leadership growth as an integrated part of becoming the best versions of themselves. This drive and learning environment will motivate you to up level your own game
  • Out of silo thinking: Leaders from corporate and entrepreneurial organizational and leadership structures across industries  ensure we support a move away from silo thinking into a mind expanding, solutions generating understanding
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If you would like to become a member, you can contact us via email to receive the program and price. Write a few sentences about why this network is attractive to you and how you can contribute


Sandja Brügmann is founder and Managing Partner of The Passion Institute, where she and her team serve the global business community to create strong brands and extraordinary leaders with an ambition and focus on intelligent business drivers, sustainability and social-good change.


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