Modules & Dates

The Program: Step-by-Step

Each module identifies its own unique theme to support the growth process of conscious leadership. You have one month to complete each module and accompanying processes. Each module consist of four inspirational and practical teachings videos with techniques, perspectives, cases, examples and tools that you can incorporate in your real daily life and business right away.

The homework (coded pdf downloads) are packed with processes, questions and reflections to support you in going deep.

With each module is also an exercise that supports your growth process to go beyond the mind, and integrating the body, intuitive and sensory sharpening processes including body movements like yoga, visualizations and other presencing tools.

Kick-Off LIVE Online Workshop (recorded)
You will kick off the course with a LIVE workshop (recorded) including teachings, inspiration and motivational tools to get you on a growth trajectory with intention, clear direction and goals – to ensure the most learning anf value to you from this training!

Module Content

Module 1: 
Authentic Connection: Passion & Inner Game

Through tested and tried successful processes and exercises focused on purpose, values and passion you will be taken on a strategically planned exploration journey that will help you increase and  identify you key, inner game skills to strengthen your leadership.

You will learn:
  1. The serious business case of passion-based and purposeful business
  2. How to connect with your passion
  3. Goal setting and accountability methods
  4. Visualization processes to support passion and purpose-directed business leadership
  5. Tools to build your authentic connection to yourself on a regular basis, and why this is important
  6. How to identify and work with your purpose
  7. Identify your zone of excellence
  8. Identify what makes you thrive

Module 2: 
Stillness, Silence & Solitude

In this module, we will go deeper with your passions and the ‘why’ behind them. In order to accomplish this, we need to eliminate the noise that surrounds you – including your own noisy ego, other people’s expectations, demands and needs, and external impressions from the world (TV, social media etc). This week is focused on being in stillness so you can connect with your truth and core purpose. It is advisable to schedule your life accordingly for this week – no social media, no TV, no radio, no meetings, no friends, no socializing – as much as you possibly can. While this may seem near impossible at times, it’s an investment worth making in yourself.

You will learn:
  1. Principles of stillness, silence and solitude
  2. Stillness, silence and solitude: The paradox of expanding into Purpose Leadership
  3. Inviting creativity, innovation, the exploratory room and collaboration
  4. Intelligent stillness and self-connection
  5. Meditation as a self-intimacy and purpose-connection tool
  6. Intuition sharpening process


Module 3: Self-Care, Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

The foundation of your strong, purpose-driven leadership is good mental, physical, emotional self-care practises. Making the commitment to yourself to be an impeccable, authentic leader – rising above victim mentality – is at the core of this module.

You will learn:
  1. What self-care is, and why it is important
  2. The power of ‘no’
  3. Developing your own self-care plan
  4. Visualization techniques to experience the world as an ally
  5. Conscious leadership self-nurturing practises
  6. Nurturing & EQ leadership skills


Module 4: Assertive Communication, EQ and Relations

The focus is on the touch-points between us and the external world (where inner skills meet the outer world), including assertive communication skills, emotional intelligence techniques and awareness of EQ for advanced leadership. We will work with “boundary-setting.” Authentic engagement and alignment between thoughts, emotions, communication and action. These skills become increasingly tested as your leadership and authority increases due to external demands and expectations. The goal is proactive and centered responsiveness.

You will learn:
  1. Techniques to set clear boundaries
  2. Alignment between thoughts, emotions, communication and action
  3. Assertive communication techniques
  4. Emotional intelligence practices and the business case for why EQ should a top priority
  5. Shadow work to step into leadership power, clearly communicating needs and expectations
  6. Developing an acknowledgment culture in your organization


Module 5: Integration of Light and Dark Shadows

When we don’t do what we want to do, or unsuccessfully take action on a vision, it’s often our shadow (unconscious) standing in the way. In order to be successful leaders, we need full access to all facets of our personality. We focus on unconscious bias patterns – both the light and the dark identification and integration, so we can increase our awareness of our projections and take ownership.

You will learn:
  1. What is the shadow/unconscious projections?
  2. Shadow work gives you access to your personal power
  3. How your unconscious biases and projections ruin results in your leadership and business
  4. Taking back your light – the light shadow process, accessing passion and purpose
  5. Shadow technique: dark shadow projection, lifting the veil
  6. Techniques and daily routines


Module 6: Visionary Conscious Leadership Action

Transformation process to stay intentional, persevering, committed to the change process.  SWOT analysis on your leadership skills, identifying your threats, weaknesses, strengths and opportunitiesThe overarching theme: Responsibility and solution-oriented leadership mindset.

You will learn:
  1. Daily self-connection practices
  2. SWOT personality test
  3. Strategic action steps
  4. Self-observation: Courage and fear identification
  5. How to work with fear: The courage tool
  6. Goal setting: Your key values and goals as a leader
  7. Responsibility and accountability
  8. Solution-focused leadership
  9. Clear action


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Teachings are conducted via on-demand video and audio – you can choose to listen to the video modules as podcasts. You can participate from anywhere in the world and all you need is internet access to download the materials. Homework processes (coded pdfs) and exercises, yoga and/or meditations (audio and video) are available in the online course classroom.

**Module 2 is focused on stillness, silence and solitude. For optimum results, please schedule time to yourself as much as is possible. Bring attention to each decision when you spend your time and energy elsewhere, like work, family and other life obligations. Be in charge. It’s a worthwhile investment in yourself!


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