PassionTalk TV with Sandja featuring Inez Van Oord, founder of Europe’s largest mindstyle magazine, Happinez

I had the great pleasure of meeting Inez in New York, NY late in the Fall as we were both in the big city for the screening of The Power of the Heart supporting our common friend and creator of the film, Baptist de Pape. Inez is featured in the film sharing her own process of following her passion and heart and creating a super successful business – Happinez Magazine.

Here are some of the topics you’ll learn in the interview:

1. Inez’ biggest core lesson in business
2. Raising funds – what to avoid and what to do instead
3. The courage it takes to follow your heart, and some techniques to use to do so yourself
4. Statistics say that to build a successful business it takes an average of 5 – 7 years. Not for Inez, who did it all in    2.5 years! Where she sold Happinez Magazine making a large profit.
5. Inez’s best medicine to access your inner power to persevere and make sound business decisions
6. The most rewarding lesson she learned in creating and selling Happinez Magazine, and how this one aspect is key to not get distracted

Inez sold Happiness Magazine after making it a huge success in just 2.5 years.  You can visit Happinez Magazine here – it’s absolutely gorgeous, so I encourage you to take a look and get inspired!)

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