Entrepreneur & Executive Business Coaching


As a successful business executive, social entrepreneur and leader building a company, focusing on or expanding your understanding of a 5P bottom linePassion, Purpose, People, Planet, and Profit – is of the utmost importance to the success of your business while ensuring an authentic and happy life.

Building a financially sustainable business set for growth both now and well into the future in a rapidly changing world – economy, politics, social needs, planetary resource scarcity, rapid weather changes, and consumer demands for good business solutions for people and planet – requires calm, big picture overview, resilience, and access to creativity and innovative thinking.


The Value You Receive From Working With Me

  • Renewed energy and inspiration – a big boost in passion and motivation, thus increased performance – and tools to renew and nurture these vital skills in your team
  • Clarity about complex issues, which ensures cleaner and more straight-line implementations and creative solutions to reach business goals
  • New angles and perspectives on the specific needs at hand in your department, or the larger business strategy and direction providing better business decisions in the short- and long term
  • Better decision-making and work habits to stay below a no stress threshold and a work/life balance that meet your objectives for a truly thriving life – balancing business, family, health
  • More inner and mental calm to cut through to the issue at hand, and make informed, strategic and best for the business decisions
  • Creativity is the new gold in business – I am highly creative and innovative in my worldview and perceptions, which provides you with reflections, input and perspectives that leads to unique and resourceful solutions to your current problems
  • A leader’s earning potential is in direct relationship to how much friction and interference he / she can tolerate without wavering. The highest income leaders are the ones that can handle much friction, interference, power plays and expectations and navigate this from a calm intellectual and strategic stands – with me, you receive techniques to increase this high net-worth leadership skill


Focused on your current concrete needs and challenges

We begin with a visionary look at and clarification of your desired goals and intentions, then move into a strategic, laser look at your current position, including your personal leadership and business needs and struggles, and create a plan of action from there. Ultimately, our work together will provide you with direction, inspiration, know-how, tools and expert ping-pong to make informed decisions from clarity to reach your leadership and business goals.

Being a skilled leader requires continuous growth and effort. Understanding and putting this practice to work is an integral part in becoming a better leader, and thus, generating more success for the business you run. Clear, concise support from an outside perspective can prove to be an intelligent investment in both yourself and in the success of your company.

With over 18 years of experience working with business executives, social entrepreneurs and leaders to build influential brands, I look forward to supporting your ambitious business goals.

I work with both global Corporate Company Executives/Director Level Leaders and Sustainable and Social Business Entrepreneurs.

My basis for hand-selecting you

  • Values and purpose-aligned
  • Ambitious
  • Open-minded
  • A good person – integrity, honesty, trustworthy
  • International in scope
  • A company vision and mission I want to support

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Working with Sandja has given us a consistent strategic purpose and a shared team goal, making us stronger as a team and as a company, which is reflected in employee motivation and engagement as well as the company’s bottom line.

Martin Remmer, CEO, co-owner Remmer A/S (Denmark)

“Sandja is an organized, efficient and powerful business woman, who creates results.”

George Boedecker, co-founder Crocs Inc (USA)

Sandja not only has passion, she has humility. She embodies the spirit of walking her talk and constantly learning, striving and growing in every sense of her life. She makes this world and anyone she touches in it shine!

Dr. Holly Lucille, leading naturopathic doctor, Talkshow Host (Los Angeles, CA, USA)