Sandja is one of the few most inspiring thought leaders in conscious leadership and sustainable business strategy that I have had the pleasure to work with within the large global Sustainable Brands community. As a speaker, she moves the audience in an authentic and heartfelt manner, delivering her messages with a combination of passion and intellect that is second to none. She consistently manages to leave the audience with expanded horizons, new tools for self-improvement and actionable takeaways. I selected her to speak at Sustainable Brands Copenhagen, and I would be delighted to have her back on stage anywhere in the world. She comes highly recommended by the entire Sustainable Brands team!

Dimitar Vlahov, Director of Content Development Sustainable Brands (San Francisco, CA USA)

It is my mission to support those businesses that best represent my business philosophy termed "Right Livelihood". Simply put this translates to business, which is "Good for me, Good for you, Good for all it touches". Sandja lives these principles in business and it is a pleasure for me to work with her.

Steve Demos founder White Wave, Silk and GoodBelly (Boulder, CO, USA)

Sandja is an inspiring and wise woman.

Baptist de Pape, Creator of The Power of the Heart (Malibu, CA, USA & Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Sandja not only has passion, she has humility. She embodies the spirit of walking her talk and constantly learning, striving and growing in every sense of her life. She makes this world and anyone she touches in it shine!

Dr. Holly Lucille, leading naturopathic doctor, Talkshow Host and author (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Dubbed one of 'the world's leadership gurus'

Lederne (Danish leadership Organization) Copenhagen, Denmark

Sandja has been an excellent player on the Crocs team juggling many responsibilities and wearing many hats during the initial phases of Crocs’ history. Sandja is an organized, efficient and powerful business woman, who creates results. I have and will continuously pull Sandja in on consulting opportunities thru my many ventures.

George Boedecker, Co-founder of Crocs (Boulder, CO, USA)

I participated in Sandja's Conscious Leadership workshop and went home full of inspiration, motivation and new ideas for my work. Sandja is super professional and a great teacher. She combines passion, humor, vulnerability and vast knowledge from her many years of experience as an entrepreneur. In the workshop I learned more about true authenticity and how important it is to look at ones own shadows, if one wants to change the world.

Bastian Overgaard, CEO Instigator (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Working with Sandja has given us a consistent strategic purpose and a shared team goal, making us stronger as a team and as a company, which is reflected in employee motivation and engagement as well as the company’s bottom line.

Martin Remmer, CEO and co-owner Remmer A/S (Skovlunde, Denmark)

Sandja Brugmann is one of the key resources I have turned to regarding my business. Sandja is a fantastic listener. She is caring and committed to your vision. Sandja can guide and share her expertise and help you put your thumb on the pulse of where your next important move could be for your business and personal growth. She is supportive of your passion, helping you bring your dream into reality to fulfill your personal and business goals. Sandja's "shadow work" has been very inspiring to me in terms of breaking through my business barriers and setting new goals.

L. M. Bennett (Napa Valley, CA, USA)

As my Business Mentor over a longer period of time, Sandja has provided real value and enriching experiences to me, and supported me in getting to where I want to be with my business and life. She is top class, and she has no doubt found her zone of genius. I respect Sandja and her work, as I see her go all the way herself in her own growth work; she knows first hand, what she teaches. A big thank you to you, Sandja, for being my mentor and source of inspiration to a life with more passion and flow!

Mikala Kissi, CEO Living Yolates (Copenhagen, Denmark)

I am enormeously inspired by ‘your way’ and think that my project, where we are re-thinking education and learning, can learn a lot from you.

Tina Marker, MIT Campus Gentofte (Gentofte, Denmark)

I really loved your speaking at the convention in Copenhagen - your speaking is so clear and captivating. All of what you are presenting is helping us to refine our mission and for that we are very grateful. Thank you.

Bartleby, Co-founder Passion Planet (Boulder, CO, USA)

Having a good mentor is worth its weight in gold. I am very excited about having found via Richard Branson - my business hero - an extraordinary mentor who will support me in the next stages of my journey. Thank you Sandja Brügmann @ The Passion Institute for saying YES to me!

Alycia Creel-Eisenmenger, Project manager ATRONOS Solutions GmbH (Aachen, Germany)

Thank you again for the gift of your webinar. I woke up this morning and started to think, as I always do, about all the things I need to do for everyone else. I thought of your suggestion and started to breathe deeply and scan my body to see how I felt. I felt so much calmer, I started my day by giving to myself first. I feel great. Thank you so much for being you!

Lisa, Independent Design Consultant (Boulder, CO, USA)

Thanks for being part of what’s right with the world!

Claremont Lincoln University (Claremont, CA, USA)

Just came out from this Self Care webinar event with Sandja Brügmann, I cannot speak enough about her and her process. Please look her up if you would like to do some personal/professional work from your home! Thanks Sandja!

L’aura Campisi, serial entrepreneur (Santa Fe, NM, USA)

I've always followed Sandja's work and talks both at Refresh Agency but especially at the Passion Institute lately. Sandja's inspirational blog posts and videos suddenly started to feel far more relevant, at a time in my life, where I was at a personal crossroad. The more I dug into her way of thinking and being aware of your own feelings and not always try to please your surroundings, the more sense it made to me and the clearer my head felt. I believe that this is helping me in finding the right path at the crossroad I am at right now.

Flemming Rasmussen, Founder & CEO Bigger (Copenhagen, Denmark)

If more people could live the advice given in Sandja’s PassionTalk today, I think we would be a globe of much happier, collaborative people.

A. Nicole Winans, business owner (Denver, CO, USA)

With Sandja’s insight and advice I reclaimed my business and life, terminated the client relationship, which was draining my energy. I got realigned with my passion and totally revitalized my energy, attitude and soul. So, thank you for your support.

Mary Adams, President, Sage Advice Marketing (Denver, CO, USA)

It was a real gift to do shadow work and leadership with Sandja. I felt safe, professionally and lovingly guided. I came into contact with what is of utmost importance to me, and developed concrete action steps, which I have accomplished in real life after the session. I went from confusion to a place of clear decision-making and action. This process gave me a deep sense of inner contentment, joy and a feeling of reclaiming my own power. I highly recommend shadow work with Sandja.

Jeanette Uhrenholt, Owner Enzo (Copenhagen, Denmark)

An awesome powerhouse revolutionizing business!

Susannah Campora, business owner (Denver, CO, USA)

I highly recommend the Passion Institute's Passion Warrior Conscious Leadership training. Through my participation in the course, I experienced quite a remarkable shift from being frustrated in not knowing how to get to where I want to be, to feeling much more self-directed and assured. The tools presented assist in creating positive daily habits, while also refining long-term goals. Sandja is a living example of the power of mixing professionalism with a sense of true being. The Passion Institute is leading the way toward greater authenticity, empowerment and supporting businesses that make both happier people and a better world. If you are ready to commit yourself to dreaming big while also understanding what it takes to get there, I do recommend this course for feeling supported, encouraged and re-enlivened!

Lindsey Wolf Hullfish, working to create a more sustainable future (Tuscon, AZ, USA)

We’re excited to partner with Sandja Brügmann and The Passion Institute by offering their courses at This supports our community by providing the tools and inspiration to live with intent, purpose, passion, and awareness. We have worked with Sandja for over 12 years and stand behind the quality and value of her work, as well as our shared commitment to leaving a positive footprint.

Sarah Keith, co-founder Vickerey (Boulder, CO USA)


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